3 Ways to Boost Your Artistic Creativity

Some people say that creativity is an innate talent available since birth, while others say that it is developed through time and experience.

Regardless of which type you are, everyone definitely have some amount of creativity and imagination running through their head.

Listed below are 3 techniques you can practice to boost you creativity artistically:

1. Keep an Idea Diary

You should keep a notebook that is dedicated to jot down ideas and random sketches of anything that catches your attention at all time.

It could be a simple idea of a new brushwork, a quick sketch of an interesting pattern by the sidewalk, an idea for a pose… Always keep the notebook nearby in case you find or think or something interesting that can be developed into a bigger picture.

If managed well, this journal can be a good source for future inspirations and reference. You are basically stuffing your private art diary with things that interests you from time to time, so naturally you will find that some of the entries might inspire you for your next big project. It is like a reservoir of ideas that you can use to increase your creativity during the dry spells.

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2. Do Boring Stuff for Awhile

Yes, seriously. No, this is not a joke. There will be days that you simply cannot come up with any good idea worth painting, or you might even feel like you do not want to hold a brush anymore. It could be that you are temporarily running out of creative juice. Your brain will need some time to refill it up, so you do not have to push yourself for ideas.

Before painting become a chore instead of a pleasure, take some time off being an artist. How long? Well, as long as your brain need to recharge your artistic creativity. Go ahead and clean your mice-infested art studio, rearrange the furniture in the house, tidy up your desktop, read all entries encyclopedia about Stone Age, or better yet, read a phonebook from cover to cover without skipping any entries.

In short, distract yourself from your current art project by hibernating in normal, boring stuff for a period of time. Eventually your brain will comes up with nice, interesting, creative ideas to combat the boredom.

3. Freshen Yourself Up

Most people have a specific time of the day or night that they prefer to do their work. Usually, that will also be the time that you are most active and are full of ideas. Observe your daily activities for a week and take note whether you are a morning or night person, and rearrange your work schedule to accommodate to your natural peak performance state.

At times, you might need to continue working at a less than ideal hour of the day, or maybe you simply need freshen yourself up. Take a power nap, a quick shower or a nice hot drink to rest mentally and physically.

Creativity cannot be forced, so let your mind incubate new ideas naturally. Once in awhile, when you are not feeling creative, just take it as a sign that you deserve to take a break after working so hard.

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