Adding Fantasy to Your Canvas Oil Painting

If you love to fantasize then canvas oil painting is the perfect medium through which you can express yourself. Painting is the form of art which has the capability to give life to natural phenomenon and characters.

Great oil painters throughout the world have used this as a medium to lend voice to their thoughts and fantasies.

Adding a dash of fantasy…

By adding a dash of fantasy to your oil painting you can create masterpieces that speak your mind. It can be rightly said that when fantasy finds its expression in oil painting then it becomes beautiful beyond words. Even in early Europe, oil painting was in vogue.

At that time linseed oil was used in combination with other pigments to create a dramatic effect. Oil painting can be the medium of a painter’s wandering thoughts. When a painter gives expression to his fantasy through the means of oil painting, a masterpiece gets created.

Themes for Oil Painting:

Fantasy generally includes subjects that are not realistic. It often covers fiction, mythology, and mystic. It may be based on ancient folklore or legends. The painters of early time kept away from horror and science fiction themes in oil painting. But, more recent painters have included horror and science fiction in oil paintings to create compelling effects.

Space exploration is a favorite theme for oil painting. Sky becomes the perfect canvas for the artists where he can let his imagination go wild. The heavenly bodies and natural wonders like sun, moon, and the stars can all be depicted quite artistically on the canvas using oil paints. This gives a perfect platform to the painter to use his abstract painting ideas.

Greek mythology consisting of old Egyptian, African, and Bible stories have always be a pet for oil painters. Oil painting depicting Gods and Goddesses have always held a special place in oil painting. Not to forget, fairies, demons, and the mermaids. They provide a beautiful platform for the oil painters to user their fantasy and do magic with their brush.

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