Acrylic Oil Paints Supplies

Acrylic paint is a type of paint that driest fast than oil paints and it contains a pigment suspension in acrylic polymer emulsion.

Generally, acrylic paints are weak with water, but it become water-resistant when used for painting. The finished acrylic painting resembles a watercolor but it has a unique characteristic that cannot be attained with other media.

Every artist has their own preferred brand of acrylic paint.  They base acrylic paints on its colors and consistency, which ranges from buttery to fluid.

However, it is best to buy a few quality acrylic oil paints supplies of artist's quality rather than buying a range of cheap colors.

The W&N, one of the leading providers of acrylic oil paint supplies, launched this range of acrylics in January 2009 to replace their infamous Finity series. It is a good product to buy, though it has longer working time. It also has minimal shift from wet to dry and a glossy satin finish.

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Another product to choose from in buying acrylic paint is golden’s heavy body acrylics. Golden is one of the leading companies that produce top-quality acrylic paints. They offer a wide range of vibrant colors, which include extremely useful set of neutral grays. The consistency of the paint is also smooth, soft, and thins down for easy glaze.

In choosing acrylic oil paint supplies, you might want to buy liquitex products. Liquitex offers a wide variety of acrylic paints. Liquitex’s heavy body professional artist colors is perhaps the most excellent because of its consistency. This may be quite buttery and sticky but it works well with palette knife.

If you want an acrylic paint that long working time, then you might consider M. Graham & Co’s. This is on top of the list when it comes to working in a hot dry climate. It would take you for about half an hour for the working time of this product.

There are many acrylic oil paint supplies to choose from. However, make sure to invest to those that are of high quality. Some of the products mentioned in this article have been known to provide excellent paints so you might want to check them out.

You can buy most of these paints in an art shop. If you don’t feel like going outside the house, then you might want to buy online. But like what we have said earlier, you have to buy a quality acrylic paint for convenience.

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