Getting the Right Supplies for Oil Painting

Oil painting is a popular an interesting form of art. Its popularity is mainly due to the fact that the paints dry slowly, enabling the artists to work for quite long.

And once the first coat of paint has dried up, a second coat of paint can be applied to create a dramatic effect. Oil paints are usually thick and buttery. It can be diluted with several types of thinners available.

Oil paint supplies are easily available in the market but you must get the right one to get the desired effects on the canvas. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right supplied for oil painting.

Oil paints

The first thing you need to buy for oil painting is obviously some paint. Oil paints typically come in tubes. It is advisable that you buy good quality primary colors and some secondary colors. Invest in a good brand instead of buying cheap oil paints.

Solvents for oil paints

Solvents or thinners are used to dilute the oil paint and create a mix that is favorable for oil painting. Traditionally, the solvent used is turpentine, which is known to maintain the oiliness of the paint.

But, trups can small really bad. There are several low-odor solvents available in the market. Opt for those. Don’t buy the solvents available in a hardware store as they are not good for painting.

Mediums for oil paints

The mediums are used for several reasons such as: diluting the paints, increase the glossiness, transparency etc. It also helps in reducing the drying time of oil paints. Before buying a medium, it is advised that you read the description on the bottle to know what it does.

Brushes for oil painting

This is most important item required for oil painting. The stiff hair brushes are perfect thick oil paint. The cheap hog brushes are as good as the expensive ones, with the exception that they don’t last long. Buy soft bristled brushes for smooth painting where you don’t want brash marks to show.

Primers for oil paint

Primers must be applied on canvas and boards before painting. Ideally, you can use acrylic paints for oil paintings as they require less drying time.

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