Buy Good Oil Painting Brushes

Along with good paints, a set of proper paintbrushes is absolutely essential for any oil painter, beginner or advanced.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the most skilled painter in the whole world—if you have terrible synthetic brushes that leave bristles stuck to bits of your painting, your finished piece is probably going to be disastrous.

Depending on the level of artist you are and the amount of money and time on your hands, there are different places you can buy brushes from. You may want to explore the selection in more than one place in order to find the brushes that suit you the best.

There is no single “best brush.” The best brush is what is best for the individual artist. And remember: don’t go crazy when buying brushes. You don’t need 28 brushes in order to be an artist. Even professional artists may work with only 6 or 7 of their favorite brushes.

General Arts and Craft Supply Stores

Arts and crafts stores usually have a section dedicated to painting. If you are just a beginning oil painter, this is where you can get your brushes. It may have a smaller selection than a dedicated painting supply store, but when you’re just beginning, you don’t need a huge selection to choose from. It will only confuse you and make the decision harder.

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Generally, these paintbrushes will be less expensive but are still of suitable quality. One tip: make sure you only look at brushes made of natural fibers. Synthetic brushes are not appropriate for oil painting. More advanced painters may not be able to find what they want here, so if you’re advanced, or have a bit more money to spend on brushes, keep reading.

Painting Supply Stores

If there is a dedicated painting supply store near your home, it offers an alternative to the general arts and crafts store. If you’re looking for a larger selection and higher quality, this is where you’ll find it.

These stores also have the added benefit of employees who usually know a lot about paintbrushes, whereas the employees in the arts and craft store won’t necessarily know anything about art. If you’re confused about what to buy or need some pointers, you can ask for help. The advice of someone more advanced can be invaluable.


You’ll find the largest selection of paintbrushes on the internet. If the arts and craft store doesn’t have what you need and you have no painting supply store nearby, you’ll have no choice but to order online. The drawback of ordering online is that you won’t be able to feel the brushes for yourself before ordering. How the bristles feel is very important.

You’ll have to rely on the reviews of others, but this can be a good thing since you can rule out any paintbrushes that don’t suit your needs based on the reviews of others. But it’s undeniable that you will find exactly what you want online. If you’re not sure where to look, good places to start are Dick Blick or Utrecht, both of which are very reputable places for paintbrushes.


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