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Though every oil painter has different preferences and styles, each one will use very similar tools to create their works. You might want to check out Studio Arts Shop for online discounted art, graphic and craft materials.

Here are the ten essential oil painting supplies every oil painter should have in their tool kit.

1. Oil paint

A small variety of yellows, reds, blues, browns, blacks and whites is all any painter needs. All other colors can be mixed out of these. For oil paints, higher price usually means better quality.

2. Palette and palette knife

You need a place and a way to mix your paints. Palettes don’t have to be fancy. Anything flat and smooth will do. It may be worth it to have two different sizes: one for paintings that only use a few colors, so you can comfortably hold it in your hand while painting, and a larger one for paintings with more color.

3. Paintbrushes

There are many different kinds of paintbrushes for oil painters, including round, flat, bright, filbert, rigger, fan, mop, and angle. Most painters are satisfied with a few flat and filbert brushes in different sizes, but it really depends on what you paint.

4. Canvas, or other painting surface

Canvas is the traditional painting surface for oils, but you can try painting on paper or wood, for example. Art is all about experimentation. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

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5. Easel

Easels are expensive, but a study easel that is adjustable to meet your height is essential. Set up your easel in a room with lots of natural light.

6. Turpentine

Turpentine is a paint thinner that is a must for any oil painter. It’s what you need to use to clean brushes (and your canvas, if you make a mistake you want to wipe off). Always keep this out of reach of children and tightly shut when not in use.

7. Charcoal pencil

A charcoal pencil is what most oil painters use to sketch out their design on the canvas before painting. Charcoal works better than graphite because it’s softer and can handle the texture of canvas better. It won’t be able to draw in fine detail, but the preliminary sketch should just be a rough design of form and size, so charcoal is fine.

8. Proper clothes

Paint will get on your clothes no matter how careful you are, so get some loose, comfortable clothing that you can wear when painting. It’s an added bonus that you’ll feel like a proper advanced painter in your oil paint-stained jeans and shirt.

9. Newspaper/Rags

Always keep newspaper and rags handy for clean-up. You don’t have to wash your brushes with turpentine every time you switch colors—just giving them a rough pull between some newspaper will usually do the trick. Rags are good to use if you make a mistake on the painting you want to erase. Add a bit of turpentine to the rag and rub it off. The turpentine will thin the paint and make it easier to remove.

10. Varnish

When your oil painting is dry (and this takes at least half a year), you’ll need varnish to paint over it as a sealant. This protects it from environmental hazards.

With these ten oil painting supplies, your oil painting toolbox is complete, and you’re ready to embark on any oil painting project you choose.

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