How to Paint Human Hair on Canvas

Learning how to paint human hair is not an easy feat; especially for beginners. The trick to painting human hair is to paint it as a whole and not by every single hair.

Also, most human hair has a shine in direct light which means that you must paint it in two tones to represent the shine. But these steps are to be performed once you have painter the face of your subject.

Steps for painting human hair

Sketch the hair first before actually painting on the canvas. Use your sketch as a reference for painting. This will help you avoid mistakes and will surely help you a lot in painting.

The first step is to mix the base coat of the paint on the palette. Preferably, you should make the base coat produce dark shade. But unless the hair is blonde or brunette, then you should make the shade of the hair match with the color.

The next step on how to oil paint human hair is to lighten the section of the base coat paint on your palette. This will help the shade match the shine of the hair on the painting. Keep in mind that black, gray, and blonde hair will be lightened with white while brown and reds will be lightened with the color yellow.

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Dip your medium sized brush into the same shade that you used for your base coat. Just apply the paint to the areas of the head that were not lightened. Then, build a solid coat over the entire head to add more shine to the hair.

In learning how to paint human hair, it is essential to lighten the shade for the base coat with the color being mixed for the highlighted parts. Then, begin to apply the color to the area around the head in thick strands. But be sure to use a small brush to paint the highlighted parts of the hair.

Learning how to paint human hair is pure hard work. It is complicated, time consuming, and often daunting to learn. But once you have gotten acquainted with it, you will surely be able to paint the hair efficiently. Practice is perhaps the best way to learn how to paint hair. The more you practice, the better you will become in painting human hair.

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