Frequently Asked Questions on Painting


1) What is the best type of brush to use for painting? There are many kinds of brushes. Each one has a certain brush stroke.

You will need to experiment with the different types of brushes. You can choose either sable hair, hog hair, camel hair, or synthetic.

2) Is a synthetic brush better than a natural hair brush? This is all a matter of preference. Some of the newer synthetic brushes last longer than the natural hair brush.

3) How can I choose a painting subject? It is best to choose a subject which inspires you. Finding something to paint is not the problem. Finding a subject you like will show in your work.

4) Should I do landscapes or portraits? Some artists are better at portraits than landscapes. They have the ability to capture the personality of the people they paint. Other artists can paint a landscape which looks as if you are looking out a window.

Try one subject and then do another. Determine which you enjoyed more. Also look at them both objectively and choose which one you feel it better.This will help in your decision.

5) What is a still life portrait oil painting? A still life, by definition is any inanimate object. This can be a flower, a bowl of fruit, or even a paper clip.

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6) Why should I take pictures of my subjects? By taking a picture of your subject, you can will have a better view of the subject. You can see it from varying angles. You will be able to use the photographs as a reference when painting. There are times when you may be painting a portrait and the model cannot stay for the entire session.

If you have photographed the subject, then you can continue to work. Another property the camera can offer is the lighting effects. You can see where the light falls and where the shadows are. You will be amazed at what the camera can pick up that the naked eye does not notice. There are times when you may feel the subject is all wrong for the painting until you view it from a camera lens.

7) Is there a special brand of paint I should use? Each brand of paint has it's own unique properties.You can experiment with each one to determine which ones you prefer. There is no one brand which will offer everything. Some have more colors than others.

Some are more able to blend. Dry times can be different as well. When you find one brand that works for you, then you will know it.


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