Going to Art School for Further Studies

Many people simply pursue art as a pastime. They may still be in school or already working full time in a different industry.

Art is something they do in their downtime, just for their own personal enjoyment. But some people want to pursue art more seriously than just as part time hobby.

They may want to sell their art for profit, or envision a future career as a professional artist. Maybe they want a future teaching art. In any case, most of these people eventually end up at the same question. That question is: Should I go to art school?

The first thing you need to understand is that art school is not about obtaining a degree. Because of how the world works today, many people choose to go to university just for the degree that comes out on the other end. They may party, slack and do the bare minimum to get that degree, but as long as it’s in their hands at the end, that’s all that matters.

Unfortunately, university isn’t the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge’s sake anymore. Art school is not like this. There is very little a degree will do for you. People who want to buy your art don’t care about what school you went to, they care about what your art looks like and if you have talent and skill. You go to art school not for a degree, but to learn.

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So what can you learn in art school? Of course, the main thing you’re there to learn is technique, methods, and new skills for creating art. But you’ll learn a lot more than that. You’ll learn about discipline—getting yourself to create new art even if you feel creatively blocked (you’ll have to meet deadlines, so you’ll have no choice).

You’ll learn how to push yourself harder than you would if you were working independently. In addition to this, you’ll also have access to larger studios full of better tools. Maybe you don’t have the kind of money to spend on exploring many different types of brushes, but there’s no doubt the school will have every kind imaginable for you to use.

You could learn that your talent lies in a whole new form of art you never imagined. Also, you’ll have the benefit of getting feedback from others. Whether you’ve been being too hard or too easy on yourself, going to art school will allow you to get honest perspectives from people who actually know a thing or two about art.

So how do you choose which art school is best for you? This I can’t tell you. Because art school isn’t about getting a degree, there isn’t a list of Ivy League art schools whose degree will get you a job anywhere.

The school you choose depends on you and what you’re looking to learn. Some schools focus more on the reason for the art, and some focus on the actual end product itself. You have to decide what you’re looking to learn, and then find a school that suits those needs.

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