How to Setup Your Art Studio at Home

Most art studios are personal spaces built at home. One of the main reasons for this is that renting a space can be very expensive.

But when you put up your own studio at home, money is never going to be an issue when you learn to paint.

The only thing you need is to have enough space in your house to put up your art studio at home.

However, if you are planning to make an art studio at home but you don’t know where to get started, it is best to learn how to.

How to set up your art studio at home

The work surface is the most important part of an art studio. Your work surface does not have to be anything fancy, but that you should have enough space to work on the floor. It can be a traditional type of work surface or it can be expensive like drafting table. An artist’s easel is the a good example for your work surface.

Another important aspect of learning how to set up your art studio at home is the storage space. Keep in mind that every artist needs enough space to store up your art supplies. It is not mandatory to buy a special kind of storage bins because they are usually overpriced.

Instead, you can use a tackle box or just a plain Tupperware for your storage. You might also want to place a small table or cart to hold brushes and paints.

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Good lighting is essential in determining how to set up your art studio at home. Natural light is the best light in an art studio at home. If you have a large window, then your studio will be much better lit and effective.

However, if you don’t have a large window, then you have to set up proper lighting in your room. Bear in mind not to not use incandescent lighting in your studio since they create horrible yellow lights. Color-corrected fluorescent bulbs are much whiter and are a better choice to use..

Ventilation is also important, especially for oil painter. You won't want to be breathing in fumes every day as it could lead to health problems overtime. Hence, it is best to have fresh air in your studio. All you need is a few windows with screens so that the air inside your room circulates from the inside out.

The last part of how to set up your art studio at home is to make things organized. Be sure to keep things in proper places so that you won’t find it hard to look for your stuffs.

Once you had prepared an area for your studio at home, the next step is getting the right supplies for oil painting...

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