Painting Lessons On DVDs: Which One Should You Get?

It is quite common for people to forgo their need to express their creativity through artistic means, due to the lack of time or money to attend an art class.

Some adults could be too busy with work or are uncomfortable to learn in the presence of other people. After all, art is personal.

Fortunately, the internet age has provides such people with the ultimate solution, which is painting lessons on DVD.

It is so convenient that there is really no excuse left not to pick up a brush and start painting today. Given the size of the market, anyone would be spoilt for choice with the array of DVD lessons available for every budget. To know which one the right fit for you, first you need to assess your own artistic skill, target lessons and budget.

To begin with, how much do you know, from formal education or otherwise, about art? Have you ever tried to draw or paint something? Knowing where you stand now in terms of knowledge and skill will help you determine the level of difficulty of the lessons that you should get.

There are DVDs available especially for people who want to learn to paint without going so much into the theories and history of each art technique, just as there are DVDs available for people who prefer to do everything from scratch.

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Also, what do you really want to learn about? Just a simple step by step about, say, how to paint sunset, or a more thorough look on color theories? Do you know enough art terminologies to follow an advanced lesson without consulting the dictionary, or would you prefer if the lessons are taught completely in layman terms?

If you have absolutely no art background, you might want to start with the basics, such as introduction to art materials, color theory and such. For a more advanced learner who is already familiar and skilled at ink illustrations, for example, you might want to expand your knowledge to painting on canvas next.

There is also the issue of budget here. Assuming that you do not have unlimited time and money to be spent on art materials and such, which is quite a fair assumption, you would want to get the best DVD lessons that fits your need, without spending too much on it. Some people might opt for a crash course on everything that is related to art, while other will choose just on area to look in depth to.

A highly comprehensive course on oil painting that comes with dozens of DVDs and books might be useful to serious learners who are willing to invest their resources on improving their skills, but it will not be as useful to a beginner who cannot even tell the differences between acrylic and oil paints.

In summary, there is no one type DVD that will fit everyone’s need. As mentioned above, you should get DVD painting lessons only after taking your current skill, interest and budget into consideration.

Knowing what you want early on will save you from a lot of confusion and stress later on while following the DVD lessons. Take a look around, compare the reviews of the DVDs that catch your eyes, ask for recommendations from family and friends. Finding the right fit might takes time, but it will be worth it.

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