Pencil Drawing Techniques

Pencil drawing magnetizes many aspirant drawing artists as it is the most inexpensive yet expressive medium.

Pencil drawings can vary from immediate sketches to complete tonal artwork and one can possibly have all things necessary to make a beginning right now.

One can make nice sketches just with an HB pencil. There are different types of pencils that one can make use, for drawing different live or non live objects. 

Graphite pencils are at a soft end of scale and 9h at a hardest end.

However, one can also opt for buying mid ranged from pencils like 4b, 4h, 2h and 2b to incorporate more to collection. One can use these extra pencils to make bigger rang of different textures and to shade them.

Almost each and everyone desires to draw something realistic and anyone can do that by hard work and practice. Getting acquainted with pencil drawing procedure, one need to observe the subject in objective way and then move the pencil in the way that it imitates the outline or shape of subject.

These pencil drawing capabilities can be augmented by the usage of drawing grid and normal practice.

The drawing grid is helpful in breaking the particular subject into various smaller parts, which are quite easy to draw. It also makes it easier to make a strong grip on the apex of images. 

One way to use grid is to put much emphasis on drawing merely one part (or rectangle) of grid at a time, ultimately drawing the complete photograph square by square.

A number of beginners as well as experienced artists make use of this technique of grid method of drawing because different objects are more controllable whilst drawn in smaller bits.  However, regardless of the technique, one should erase all the grids after one has completed.

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