Tips from Painters on Overcoming a Creative Block

Artists, whether amateurs or professionals, often encounter ups and downs in their creative thinking. However, when you suffer from an artist’s block or a creative drought doesn’t in anyway mean that your artistic talents are slipping away.

This is a normal temporary slump that you will eventually surmount, as many veterans can testify. The following is a collection of painting tips from painters of all experiences and backgrounds on how to overcome the creative block.

• ‘I still have creative blocks even with over 30 years of experience as an illustrator, but each time I’ve had a block, I’ve emerged a better artist.’ - RPBaker

• ‘I’ve just begun all over again after going through a real paining drought. The relief I’ve got is that I now know that it’s not unusual. I thought my artistic talents were going down the drain.’ – Karanui

• ‘Try reminding yourself that it’s only a painting, nothing more. Certainly, the world will not come to a halt if your painting comes out messed up. Note that failure is part of learning.’ – RPBaker

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• ‘Before you could lay your hands on the canvas, try to put the brush in your mind and paint the strokes in your mind. The difference this can make is simply amazing.’ – Gary O.

• ‘Try to start small. I try to force myself to start out on something very easy and before I know it, I am going strong.’ – Susan

• ‘Try to do your painting in a group, or attend a two or here day workshop. It really does it for me to get me on track again.’ – Judyfree3

• ‘The best way I found to rejuvenate my artistic talents is to take a painting class. Regardless of whether it is a basic one or not, attending a class simply activates my painting genes and, at the very least, makes you paint at each class until the course is complete.’ – Helen

• ‘When I hit a creative block, I lay down all my tools and take on something entirely different for some time. I find trekking with my dogs a certain distance always works. It may not be on the first day and at times not for a while. All of a sudden, I start to appreciate everything around me, for instance the trees and the sound they make as the wind blows, the bird songs, the sunrises and sunsets, the water waves created by wind, reflections, and many more. The urge to capture all this beauty in a painting suddenly comes back again, sometimes slowly but certainly it does come.’ – Anna

• ‘Take your tools and sketch pad outdoors or to some place you really love and just sketch for 30 minutes. Just go and let your spirit lead you to where you’re happiest. Every day, sketch something different and all your fears about your talents will vanish. Your art might even take off in a different directions that you never even imagined.’ - Jeninechris1

These are some of the testimonies posted by various artists on a painting forum. You can try to incorporate some in your own life and see what works best for you.

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