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  • Get oil painting lessons on how to oil paint your own art master piece. Learn oil painting techniques with our free oil painting tips newsletter. Instead of oil painting classes, you can now learn to paint with our lessons on oil painting for beginners at home.
  • Looking for beginner painting lessons online? Get free oil painting lessons for beginners by signing up to our free newsletter. Oil painting for beginners has never been easier.
  • Here, we are going to give a brief overview of commonly used oil painting techniques. You can find out more with the individual lessons listed at the bottom of this page.
  • Learn about the different forms of painting and how you can discover you own painting styles when you decide to master oil painting.
  • Learn landscape painting in oils easily with our landscape painting instructions. You will get video landscape painting techniqes and step by step landscape painting lessons here.
  • Learn still life painting techniques and get still life painting ideas here. Be sure to check out the still life painting lessons here to get a better idea of this art style.
  • It is believed that if you can paint a person, you can paint anything. Many artists feel daunted by the idea of having to handle skin tones and portray characters, but it isn’t all as difficult as it seems.
  • Learn abstract painting techniques and abstract painting ideas with our step by step abstract painting instructions.
  • Portraits and landscapes are challenging and exciting to paint. Unfortunately, not every artist has the time to paint from life, and this is where photographs come in handy when you are learning how to oil paint on canvas.
  • Portraits painted using oils can have a life and glow about them that can’t be acquired using any other medium. This is because oil paints can be applied in layers called glazes.
  • Michelangelo had taken lessons, Picasso took instructional oil painting classes, just about all artists need to study to be able to develop their own abilities. We have placed a series of oil painting videos in the hope that they will aid you in your painting journey.
  • Much of learning to draw is going to be trial and error. In other words, you must practice, practice, practice, and then when you’re done you should practice some more.
  • As more and more painters these days turn to history, there's been a significant revival of interest in painting realistically -- in making convincing illusions of three-dimensional detail on 2 dimensional surfaces.
  • When it comes down to choosing colors for your painting, you’ll first need to consider what message you are trying to convey with your piece. For example, when you look at paintings by Claude Monet, you’ll notice that there are hardly any browns,
  • Here’s a list of oil painting tips that you might find helpful when you’re still starting out. They are things that many painters have found useful throughout the years (maybe because they had to learn the hard way about them).
  • In order to get the most out of your money, you should pay special attention to the care and maintenance of your materials.
  • Though every oil painter has different preferences and styles, each one will use very similar tools to create their works. Here are the ten essential oil painting supplies every oil painter should have in their tool kit.
  • If you want to learn how to sell your art, the first thing you need to do is learn how to take a great picture of your piece. You’ll need a decent camera, and DSLRs are best.
  • These artists then budge on to painting with colors, and after they still find the similar fundamental problems of drawing, they prefer to pay no attention to them and formulate up some kind of justification so that those problems can be avoided.
  • People who don’t have either the time or money (or neither) to take live art classes sometimes consider painting lessons on DVD as an alternative.
  • Are you searching for useful painting lessons and softwares reviews? If so, then you will surely benefit from taking online painting lessons. There are about hundreds of websites that offer painting lessons online.
  • Learn and Master Painting with Gayle Levee comes as a set of twenty DVDs that guide the painting student through the painting process from beginning to end.
  • Included in the useful newsletter are periodic emails that touch on vital aspects of learning how to oil paint.
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