Oil Painting Lessons for Beginners

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Humans have already been expressing themselves via paintings for centuries.  Even cavemen exhibited good hunts or similar activities with paints created from fruits and plants.

There simply appears to be an natural desire to display our ideas, emotions, as well as thoughts by means of images. The expression “A picture is worth 1000 words” is indeed extremely true

Using colors and artworks, you are able to convey each and every emotion that is felt. Be it a lady inside a backyard looking forward to her lover or a vintage barn that is set in a location of countryside flowers, the topic generate reminiscences and emotions towards the forefront of the audience's mind. All of this getting achieved on a empty canvas together with oil paint.

Unless you have a friend who knows how to oil paint and is also prepared to offer some help for free, you may have difficulties searching for a reasonably priced instructor who caters to your needs in your town. The most effective and closest options to a personal art teacher would be to learn by means of step-by-step video instruction with DVDs.

If you are a beginner artist or maybe getting hold of the paintbrush for the first-time, this is certainly the perfect website available for you. The oil painting for beginners section is created specifically for you.

* Beginners PAY ATTENTION*

It's IMPORTANT to study through the complete beginner painting lessons in this section so that you can get a foundation for the purpose of much more complex and advanced painting lessons. Although the information can become too much to handle especially when you have just started learning oil painting, getting to know the basics will help clear some things up a little bit. 

Enjoy a wondeful time on beginning your own learning journey and relish in the joy of creating your own master pieces…

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List of Beginner Painting Lessons & Instruction :

  1. How to Setup Your Art Studio at Home | Learn to Setup a Home Art Studio
    Most art studios are personal spaces built at home. One of the main reasons for this is that renting a space can be very expensive. Learn how to setup your art studio at home easily with these tips.
  2. Painting Brush Parts and Techniques
    Regardless of painting in oil or acrylic, you may want to have an understanding of what parts of the brush are best for different oil painting techniques
  3. How to Mix Paint With Medium for Art
    Medium is a form of mixture that can be combined with oil paint to thin the paint. It also helps to extend the pigment of the paint over a large surface. Find out how to mix paint woith medium for art.
  4. Basic Colours And Values for Oil Painting
    Learning the basic colours and values for oil painting is easier said than done. But once you have become familiar with a tone, setting the colors for your painting would be much easier.
  5. Choosing A Painting Subject
    Painting is a way of conveying a message to a target audience, and hence, a painter needs to choose their subject based on what they wish to express.
  6. How to Tone Your Art Canvas Panel
    Toning your art canvas panel is one of the best ways to express a painter’s use of colors in the painting. This technique will add a personal touch to the painting and will increase the importance of the subject.
  7. Learn How to Organize Painting Palette
    There are no set rules to organize a painting palette, and it is all up to the painter to decide how they want to organize it. Since this is purely a subjective matter, there are a few guidelines that one can follow to stay organized.
  8. Difference in Acrylic And Oil Painting | Oil Paint And Acrylic Paint Differences
    Aspiring painters usually have a hard time distinguishing the difference in acrylic and oil painting. But there are actually a lot of differences that separate one from the other.
  9. Understanding Your Painting Brush Parts | Parts of a Oil Paint Brush
    Regardless of the brush manufacturer, all brushes consist of three main parts namely the hair or bristles, the handle and the ferrule.
  10. Oil Painting Supplies Guide for Beginners
    The point to remember when beginning out is not to go overboard with supplies and to begin with the basic ones and increase the collection as you continue to gain experience in painting.
  11. How to Clean Up After Oil Painting | Cleaning Oil Paint Brushes
    Cleaning up after an oil painting job is a challenge to many and even well seasoned professionals have clean up challenges as well.
  12. Learn Composition For a Painting | Art Composition Skills
    Composition for a painting is a critically important aspect, and any contemporary painters will agree to this. Often times, current artists are blamed for lack of skill to express their emotions and feelings through their creative art.
  13. General Characteristics of Oil Paints
    Oil paints have clear pigments, which when mixed with oil make the color layer transparent. They have variable characteristics that make them unique for their various uses, and have been in use since 1400’s in their simplest forms.
  14. Color Theory: Hue, Value and Chroma
    If you are a painter, it is helpful to know a bit about color theory and the hue, value and chroma of pigments. Basic color theory in oil painting is essential in the visual arts when it comes to mixing color and is a crucial skill in painting lessons for beginners
  15. Art Studio Rules for a Better Working Environment
    Granted, when you have your own place to do as you wish, it can be quite tempting to leave it under the name of organized mess. “Yes, it is chaotic, but at least I know where everything is.”
  16. Frequently Asked Questions on Painting | Painting FAQ
    1) What is the best type of brush to use for painting? There are many kinds of brushes. Each one has a certain brush stroke. You will need to experiment with the different types of brushes. You can choose either sable hair, hog hair, camel hair, or synthetic.
  17. Oil Painting FAQs Part 2
    This is part 2 of the most frequently asked questions that I receive from my readers. Click here to view part 1 of the oil painting faq... 8) How can I store my unused paints? Acrylics do not store well after they have been put on the palette.
  18. Ways to Apply Oil Paint
    Oil paint is a very adaptable painting medium and certainly one of the most versatile available in the art industry today. Oil paint can be manipulated in a variety of ways.
  19. Taking the Fear Out of Oil Painting
    Many artists get overwhelmed with fear and anxiety when they first venture out into oil painting. While this isn’t a comfortable experience, it is quite common.
  20. Things that Can Go Wrong in Oil Painting
    Artists, whether amateurs or professionals, often encounter ups and downs in their creative thinking. However, when you suffer from an artist’s block or a creative drought doesn’t in anyway mean that your artistic talents are slipping away.
  21. How to Use a View Finder to Compose a Painting
    What we can take in with our eyes is a lot greater than what a photograph or a painting can convey, so the viewfinder helps narrow that focus to what will actually fit on the rectangular artwork.

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