Face Proportions in Figure Painting

Learning to draw facial proportions in figure painting is very important. If you are not that great in drawing, then you might find it hard to draw facial proportions.

However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to do so. All you need is to have a guide in drawing face proportions and you’ll be able to create portrait paintings.

The size of the head is the first thing you need to learn. Analyze your portrait and see the distance from the chin to the crown.

Check if the back of the head and the front also have the same. Then, take up only a portion of the head.

To get started with drawing face proportion in figure painting, you must locate the mid-point of the face, which is the base of the eyes and eye sockets. When you draw the human eye and paint the eye, be sure to make the right space in between. If the width of the eye is used as a unit of measurement, then think that the head is five eyes wide.

The next detail is to draw the eyebrow. This is very easy once you already have the eyes. Just extend beyond the eyes on both sides and paint them. The size of the eyebrow depends on the subject of your painting.

The ear is an important aspect in drawing face proportions in figure painting. The top of the eyes should line up with the brow and the nose. The bottom of the ears can be drawn with the tip of the nose. And speaking of that, the bottom of the nose is the midpoint between the eyes and the chin.

When you make the mouth, make sure to draw the corners right. The line where the two lips meet should be halfway between the end of the nose and the chin. The chin, on the other hand, should start at the inner corner of the eyes.

For adult figures, it is not that hard to make a painting. But for children, things could go a little out of hand. When drawing the face proportion of a baby, you have to be cautious about the details to make it look real.

These are some of the things you need to keep in mind about face proportions in figure painting. These techniques are pretty easy to pick up with the right amount of practice All you need is to focus on your subject and you’re ready to learn to paint people in no time.

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