Gayle Levee Oil Painting Instructions Review

Gayle Levee is an American artist who comes from two previous generations of artists. She was born in the mid-west but fully developed as an artist while living in New England.

She has been painting and teaching for many years in the impressionist style, and is frequently featured in galleries across the country. Currently, she resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Gayle is a student of a movement called The Boston School of Impressionism. This movement advocated not only many specific parts about painting such as accurate drawing, lighting and bold use of color, but also that any artist should also know how to teach. It’s a commonly held belief that you’re not truly an expert at something until you can teach it, and the Boston School is no opponent to this thought.

Gayle was a student of Robert Douglas Hunter, who is considered by many to be one of the top artists and teachers in the Boston School movement. Under him, she developed the skills to become a great teacher herself.

As a result of her experience with The Boston School of Impressionism, Gayle naturally flowed towards being a teacher of art as well as an artist. She has experience teaching in a number of schools, including Monserrat College of Art, The Art Institute of Boston, and the Tennessee Art League. She has a wealth of experience both creating and teaching art.

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If you’re considering Gayle as a teacher, you’re in luck as she was chosen by the makers of the Learn and Master DVD series to lead their painting series. You can purchase a set of 20 DVDs which will instruct you how to paint from a stage that assumes no prior experience.

The DVDs are intended for home school students learning different skills that their home teacher might not necessarily be able to teach, but they aren’t catered specifically to children and can be used by someone of any age. They’ll cover everything you need to know about painting, from setting up your palette to actually painting details in a scene. Click here for a full review of Learn And Master Painting.

Gayle also teaches a double weekly Thursday class in Nashville, Tennessee based on The Boston School techniques. If you live in or near the area, you can email her via her website to check times and availability.

Courses usually run for eight weeks and include sixteen separate lessons: one on Thursday morning and one in the evening. These courses are usually intended for people who already have experience with painting and want to hone their skills in specific areas or learn specifically what The Boston Movement is all about.

If you want to take a lesson with Gayle but don’t live near Nashville, she also offers occasional workshops in different areas (for example, a course near the cape in Maine focused on painting the rugged and beautiful seaside). International classes may also be offered in the future.

Gayle has gotten many positive reviews about her painting lessons on dvds, and if you’re considering her as an instructor, you can visit her website to watch some demo lessons of her teaching. Full information about current workshops is also listed there.

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