How to Mix Paint With Medium for Art


Medium is a form of mixture that can be combined with oil paint to thin the paint. It also helps to extend the pigment of the paint over a large surface.

This is very handy for artists who use oil painting because oil paints are thick, slow drying, and relatively inexpensive when preparing oil paints on a palette.

However, mixing paint with medium for art is not that easy, especially for beginners. If you want to know how to mix paint with medium art, then consider the following oil painting tips below.

The first thing is to get your palette, easel, paint, paint brush, and jars. It is best to read the directions on the back of the jar. Once you’ve open the jar, pour a small amount of medium into another jar. Be sure to pour enough medium into the jar to cover the bottom. Place a test canvas on an easel, as it will allow you to see the effects of the medium on the paint.

The next step in learning how to mix paint with medium for art is to dip the paintbrush into a blob of pure paint on the palette. Then, paint a shape to your canvas and start applying some paints.

However, be sure to dip a clean paintbrush into the medium. Afterwards, dip the paintbrush into the paint on the palette and start mixing. The mixture should be as thick as the paint without the medium.

You can mix various types of colors, as long as you follow the rules of basic colour theory in oil painting. Try to blend two paint colors on the canvas and be sure to remember the results. The paint that has been mixed with medium may blend differently than what you expect.

It is also important to remember the combination of colors in learning how to mix paint with medium art. Striking a good balance between these 2 will enable you to get the colours that you desire.

After that, set the test canvas aside from a couple of days to dry. If it is not used, put lids on your jars of medium and on your palette. This is to prevent the paint from drying out fast. Then, return to the canvas and examine the results. Typically, you will notice that the medium mixed paint is has a shiny hue compared to non medium mixed paint.

It is important to remember the rules about fat over lean technique in learning how to mix paint with medium art. This oil painting technique requires to work with paint of a certain thickness and helps you identify thin paint.

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