Oil Painting DVD Lessons: Is It Really Worth It?

Given the hectic schedule and busy lifestyle of people nowadays, it is not uncommon to know of someone who is attending art classes online, through the use of pre-recorded lessons on DVD or even by books and painting manuals.

Of course, a pre-recorded set of lessons is not the same as attending an art class with other students, or having a private tutor who can give undivided attention to you progress as an artist.

Although to be fair, the alternative method definitely gives more advantage to people who values privacy and prefer to learn at their own time and pace. If you are interested to get an oil painting DVD lessons, for example, naturally you would want to know whether it would be worth your time and money to invest in such product.

Of course, the answer would be different for every individual, depending on various reasons such as personal skills, artistic interests and such. If you want to get an official certificate as a proof of your ability as a professional artist, for instance, logically you would want to spend your time and money attending formal classes or hiring a private instructor.

Therefore, online or pre-recorded lessons are not very useful for your purpose, unless you want to extend your knowledge and learn some specific technique or style that is not covered in your syllabus.

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On the other hand, adults who are working will benefit more from DVD, because they can learn at their own pace and convenience. Instead of commuting back and forth to night classes after their work hours, they can simply switch on the computer or television to view the day’s lesson over dinner.

Depending on the provider and manufacturer of the painting lessons DVD, you can sometimes opt to pay extra to use the online support function. This is especially useful if you would like to get an expert to give a fair assessment of your artworks or assignments. And it is certainly more economical and time saving as compared to spending precious time and money to attend art classes or to hire a private instructor.

The online support can be in various forms, from live chatting with an instructor to a community forum where you can discuss with fellow students and teachers about your progress, receive constructive feedbacks and generally, just hang out around like minded people.

If you want to get a DVD lesson and start painting right away, but are still somewhat unsure about finding one that is really worth your money, try to buy from a company that offers a guarantee program.

Most companies and private instructors who offers oil painting lessons online or on DVD typically will include some sort of guarantee for their merchandise, not only as a sign of good faith, but also as an indirect statement about their belief in the quality of their product.

By getting your DVD from such established business, it will ensure that you can get a full refund if you are not happy with the course. Needless to say, do check the company background beforehand and read the user reviews about the product that you are going to buy to make sure that the company will deliver its promises.

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