Oiling Out Even Gloss Technique

Oil painting is probably the most amazing form of painting in existence. However, there are many aspects that make an oil painting outstanding. Oil paintings are not easy to create, especially when there are various sections that are glossy and matte.

If you want your oil painting to be uniformly glossy, then it is best to apply oiling out even gloss technique. This oil painting technique is relatively easy.

Just take a piece of cloth, dab a portion of oil medium, and apply it to the dull areas of the painting.

This feeds oil to the paint, thus making the gloss look equal on every angle. However, do not pour the oil to the painting. Make sure to do this with a cloth so that you can easily balance the glossiness of the painting.

Oiling out even gloss technique is not often emphasized or more likely forgotten to be used by many oil painters. Yet, it plays a major role in conservating a work of art.

Oiling out will enable painters to balance the gloss of a painting. Just by applying and rubbing paint on the surface of the painting, you can make things look even. Excess oils can easily be wiped away so there is no hassle.

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This oiling out even gloss technique will saturate the color, restore, and isolate the color layer from the varnish. Always remember that oil paintings have to be oiled out before completion, particularly during the drying time.

The painting may require more than one oiling, depending on how much is needed. Make sure to apply this technique until there are no sunken areas on the painting. It is also important to use this technique before drying the painting so that it would be easy to make alterations.

It is important to use oiling out even gloss technique to make the painting look alive. Most oil paintings that have not been oiled out could look dull and lifeless. But when this technique has been applied, the painting will be much prettier to look at.

This technique is not that difficult to learn. It is also essential for most oil painters to know this technique to balance the gloss and shine of their painting. It will also help you get rid of the dullness of your painting and create more life. But then, be gentle when using this technique, as it could also ruin your painting if done incorrectly.

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