Mixing Colours For Skin Tone

One of the hardest things to accomplish, as a painter, is to know what paint colours are best for skin tones. This process is usually perfected by practice and time.

There are many different skin tones to be produced, considering that a lot of people differ in skin texture. While some are fleshy and pale, others are tan or bronze.

But whatever the color may be, choosing the best skin to for your painting is a good idea.

To be able to produce the right color, painters should have basic knowledge about the color wheel. This tool can greatly increase the chances of producing the desired skin color, regardless of what it could be.

Knowing what paint colours are best for skin tones are important. For fleshy, alive and upbeat color, the colors to paint could be a little tricky. But this doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to paint it. Consider these steps and you’ll be able to paint a realistic skin tone.

The first thing you need is to combine yellow and blue to create green. Then, mix in the same amount of orange and red to create brown. This is very easy to follow, just as long as you use the color wheel. Afterwards, mix the paint systematically to create a smooth brown color.

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It is advisable to add a small amount of white to lighten the brown color and a touch of yellow paint to produce a tan sienna color. These are the steps to make a suitable color for skin tone. They are very easy so you won’t find it difficult.

If you want to know what paint colours are best for skin tones, then you should consider these:

1. Titanium white

2. Burnt Umber

3. Yellow Ochre

4. Cadmium Yellow Medium

5. Cadmium Red Light

6. Burnt Sienna

7. Ultramarine Blue

An important tip to follow is to not buy a ready-made flesh tints. If you really want to know what paint colours are best for skin tones, then do not hesitate to experiment. Try out mixing other colors and see what fits to your painting. Some of the most common colors you might want to check out are white, yellow, red, and golden ocher.

At first, you may find it hard to choose the best colours for skin tones but do not lose hope. All you have to do is to practice and see what works well with the painting.

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