Ways to Create Art Even If You’ve No Talent

So, you’re convinced you cannot create a painting because you lack artistic talent. You’ve probably put up the old excuse of not being able to even draw a ‘straight line’.

Well, art is not about drawing straight lines. Even more refreshing to know is that there are many ways you can be creative even though you don’t have faith in your own abilities.

The following are basic steps to get you started on art, regardless of whether you have talent or not.

• Do not aim at becoming a famous painter or the next Leonardo da Vinci. Many good artists have produced impressive work without necessarily painting masterpieces that live on for centuries. You can still enjoy art even if you do not make it as a famous painter.

• Try painting an abstract. If someone says this is a waste of time, then they probably don’t have the capability to see the inner painting. Basically, they cannot interpret abstract art.

• Paint still life out of tin cans, bottles, and other still objects. The simpler the form is, the easier it will be to paint. For instance, a bottle might be easier to paint than a bunch of flowers.

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• Use a restricted number of colors in your paintings (limited palette). This is because the less number of colors you use, the less likely you’ll produce mud when you mix them up. In addition, you’ll be able to easily remember which colors you mixed to get a particular color.

• Use a variety of painting media and materials (mixed media), instead of one. You can use any materials such as collage items from newspapers and magazine pages, soil, fabric and photographs. Mixed media is a good experimental art form, especially for beginners.

• Paint a self portrait. Many artists painted self portraits in their amateur days. The beauty with it is that you can always say it’s the artistic portrayal of your inner feelings and emotions rather than your real style of art.

• Begin with an inkblot. People will generally not be willing to share what they see in a Rorschach inkblot test.

• Try your painting skills on a religious personality. These days, people are more scared to criticize religious art because they want to appear politically correct. They are more bent on style rather than content.

• Do it as a team. Get your children and other people in your house involved in your painting work. You can always pass the blame on to them when things don’t work. (Just joking…)

• Try your skills on a dinosaur. You realize that not a single individual living today can confidently explain what dinosaurs looked like, or what color was their skin. For centuries, palaeontologists have been guessing as to how exactly dinosaurs looked like. There have been credible suggestions as to their morphology and anatomy but no one seems to have a clue on what their color was.

The above ways are pretty much the easiest you can make it to the world of art, regardless of your talents.

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