What Type of Painter and Artist Are You

Many artists and painters have a problem with giving themselves a title. There are many terms that a painter can use to declare themselves, or to describe where an artist is on the career path at any time. To make this easy, here are some of the terms used to describe painters and artists.

The beginner or novice

A beginner artist is one who is self trained, untrained or one who has taken a few classes in an arts school at a fundamental level.

Even when one has a talent in painting, they may want to go for classes to ensure that their skill moves on to the next level of their career. There are beginners who are completely new and who have never picked up a brush to paint, while there are those who lean near the intermediate rank. A few artists and painters underestimate their skill level while others think more highly of their work than they ought to.

The intermediate or transitional artist

This is sometimes a beginner or an advanced artist in disguise. When one classifies himself or herself as an intermediate, you actually need to see their work to determine if they are advanced or still beginners. Actually, most intermediate artists are late beginners who have more skill than a fresh beginner does.

The advanced artist

An advanced artist is one who has essential painting techniques polished technically and may have recognized their own styles. These are more like the sought after actors by movie producers who want new blood in a movie production.

Even at an intermediate level, industry leaders have already placed their approval seal on these artists. Many advanced artists are still in the realm of intermediate, while the ones who consider themselves wise artists need to have high integrity to take up this title.


The point to remember is that an advanced artist is still not a professional. To be a professional means that other people can sell your art on your behalf. Many advanced artists have remained contented with their rank and held onto self-fulfillment experimentation and self-discovery without ever selling any of their paintings.

Professional painters and artists

A professional artist is a painter or artist who has any of the other titles but who makes a living out of their art. With this in mind, you could be a beginner or an advanced artist and still be considered a professional if you are making money out of your artwork. Advanced and professional are mutually select terms that you need to understand well before you can classify yourself as either.

Therefore, to determine the kind of artist you are, you have to determine if you sell your art work at a gallery, gift shop, or any other place. If you are making money out of your art, then you are a professional artist. Of all the levels mentioned, you are either a novice intermediate or an advanced artist.

Word of caution

Regardless of the kind of art they produce, a master artist is not the one who proclaims they are one; however, this is a person recognized by a professional organization or as such. A master artist is already a professional; nonetheless, there are cases of professional artists who do not make money out of their art.

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